Samaneh Roghani

Unnoticed Battles

Fishing lines hanging in a wooden structure, digital photo prints, open letters from female activists of the Middle East.
122 × 160 × 183 cm


Every day strong, fighting women are winning battles, gaining rights, losing them, and taking them back again. Battles that largely go unnoticed by those who are not part of the action. These women are living lives filled with activism, and are both enduring devastating losses, and savoring hard-won victories. But we mostly don’t hear about them.

We recently learned a little bit about women in Afghanistan. But during the past twenty years, most of us did not hear what they accomplished, in terms of their rights. Rights that are now taken away from them again.

This has been a great frustration to me. We don’t get to know the realities of these women who are living under oppressive regimes, with very few rights. There is also the question of why we don’t know? Is it because we somehow can’t, or because we don’t want to, or are we somehow made not to?